ultrasonic digital autoharp

The AirHarp is a pocket-portable electronic musical instrument played by fingering chords with one hand and "strumming" them in the air with the other. Available now in the Lyratron Store!

Lira (Arduino-compatible microcontroller)
a tiny computer you can build!

We designed the Lira for our own purposes, as a core component for many products to come. Quite simply, it's the tiniest, cheapest, simplest microcontroller you can build yourself!


Introducing the Lira! (video) - Peter unveils the Lira 1 (the Lira 2 is even smaller and easier to build!)

Eccentric genius and Lyratron customer Michael Krzyzaniak playing Bach on a Lira 2!

Calc Shield
build your own scientific calculator!

With this new open source kit from Lyratron, anyone can build a fully functional scientific calculator. Designed around the popular Arduino Pro microcontroller. - complete project

Light Harp
touchless performance of most any song

A light harp is an instrument played by touching light beams in the air. We've developed our own version that can play any diatonic chord! The image on the left is of the latest prototype. The production model is currently under development!

Anna Coleman performs "Shenandoah" on the Light Harp

Anna Coleman performs "Greensleeves" on the Light Harp (with short history of project)

Shadow Harp
a novel instrument that uses the pinhole effect to create a fan of invisible harp strings

An interesting development during the Light Harp project, the Shadow Harp is a completely passive system that "sees" though a pinhole and can detect changes in ambient light level along a fan-shaped arc. A musician can trigger chords or play simple melodies with this system.

Pinhole Light Harp... WORLD'S FIRST?!

PocketHarp (Pinhole Shadow Harp) Major Improvements!!

Ultrasonic Sonar Goggles
intuitive "proximity vision" for the blind!

We built these goggles as a gift for a dear friend. It's been suggested that we mass-produce them in some form for the benefit of others with visual impairments.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Magic Mirror
make art and music with your virtual reflection!

Every modern laptop comes with a "webcam", but did you know that it can be used for a lot more than video chatting? We're using webcams to make art and music in this ongoing research project. The best part is - we're releasing the software for free!

LaserTap Laser Target Pistols
practice instinctive shooting any time!

A batch of prototypes built as Christmas presents for friends (December 2010), these pistols have proven to be loads of fun and also a useful tool for developing instinctive shooting skills! A commercial product may follow at some point in the future.

Gammaphone nuclear music box
nuclear powered music!

An amusing device that produces an endless stream of listenable music from a 10-microcurie sample of caesium-137 radioisotope, a geiger tube, a microcontroller and some secret sauce...

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