3D Printable Dart Pistol

by Pete Laric

IMPORTANT NOTE: as stated from day one, in the READ_ME file as well as in the videos, this airgun was designed solely for indoor target practice. i have NEVER been in possession of any "poison", and never intended to prepare or acquire any. that inflammatory word was used purely to sensationalize the story (also admitted in the READ_ME file from day one). the media has quoted me on this many times, yet... they still fell for it! this dart pistol is functionally equivalent to a blowgun (on a good day), and those are legal in most U.S. states. this dart pistol is no better suited for firing "poison" darts than a small blowgun (or soda straw) would be.

after doing some legal research, i discovered (not surprisingly) that actually tipping your darts in poison would be a MAJOR crime! as in, they could lock you up for LIFE!!! especially if you did so with ill intent, you would never see the light of day again. so please; use your dart pistol for target practice only, which is the sole purpose for which it was designed.

since the media shit storm seems to have blown over, i have removed the word "poison" from all literature in connection with this project. using that word definitely served its purpose (i.e., it got people riled up!), but it was deceptive, hyperbolic, and foolhardy of me to have ever done so. i sincerely hope that everyone heeded my warning that using poison-tipped darts would be "extremely dangerous, and probably illegal". it would, in fact, be extremely dangerous, and extremely illegal. just don't do it.

I agree that Pete is awesome and I would never sue him for any reason. I would like to download this free set of schematics to satiate my own academic curiosity, and I would never do anything unsafe or illegal.

Why did I do this? What's the big deal if the government bans certain drawings from the internet? Click here to read my open letter to the U.S. State Department, which details exactly why I consider this to be a very big deal, and why I believe drawings (computerized or otherwise) are a constitutionally protected means of expressing ideas.

(cc) 2015 Pete Laric
Dart Pistol designs are hereby released into the public domain. Have fun.