The Buck .22 Printable Weapon System

"This is the best DIY gun book" -Yoshitomo Imura

The Buck .22 Printable Weapon System (book cover)
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Have you always wanted to build your own gun, but didn't know where to start? With Pete's handy guide, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to quickly and easily build one of the most capable homebuilt handguns currently in existence!

In this book, Pete will walk you through the entire process, from printing, to assembly, care and maintenance. Pete has been building these 3D printed, semi-automatic pistols since 2014. They are extremely reliable, durable, and accurate. When these instructions are followed carefully, your homebuilt pistol will serve you well for many years to come!

THIS BOOK HAS BEEN BANNED BY AMAZON! I have come to believe that this is an act of providence, telling me that this knowledge is meant to be given freely. So... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! This book is now my gift to the world. Thank you, Mr. Bezos, for helping me to realize that charging for the book would only have limited its distribution.

In case anyone is curious to know what it looks like when your book has been banned by Amazon, it looks like this:

BANNED from Amazon!

BANNED from Amazon!

Due to uncertainties about ITAR that are currently being hashed out in court, I have decided not to post the CAD drawings on the open internet (for my own protection). However, if you email me, I can sell you the drawings for a small handling fee of 1 mBTC.*

*Unfortunately, I cannot send CAD drawings to:

  • Non-U.S. citizens
  • New Jersey residents
  • Anyone with an email address that has a foreign country code (e.g. .UK, .DE, etc.), or that I suspect may be a foreign national for any reason

    for my own legal protection. Sorry!

    Please address the email as follows:

    TO: buck22 at petelaric dot com
    SUBJECT: Buck .22 CAD drawings
    BODY: [Please copy-paste the following disclaimer for my legal protection]:
    I am a U.S. citizen who is not legally barred from possessing firearms. I am not a resident of New Jersey, or elsewhere 3D gun knowledge is unconstitutionally censored by law. I would like a copy of the Buck .22 CAD drawings for my own academic study. If I choose to build a Buck .22, I accept all liability for anything that might happen as a result, and I would never dream of blaming Pete for any reason.

    Once I receive this email and verify that you are eligible to receive the files, I will send you a unique Bitcoin address, to which you can send my modest fee of 1 mBTC. If you are new to Bitcoin, I recommend using Coinbase. Once I have received payment, I will email you the files. Please do not send payment unsolicited! If I cannot verify your eligibility, I cannot send you the files. I also cannot return your payment in this circumstance, because this would cost me money! (Every Bitcoin transaction involves a small fee to the miners).

    It's stupid, I know, but I have to do it this way. The government says unequivocally that there's nothing illegal about one U.S. citizen emailing a CAD drawing to another U.S. citizen, so these are the precautions I must take to ensure my continued freedom. I also must charge a small fee because otherwise, I would be stuck at my computer terminal all day to the detriment of paid work, which isn't really viable for a self-sufficient adult.

    DISCLAIMER: By choosing to build a Buck .22 firearm, you accept all liability for the consequences of your actions, including but not limited to injury or death of persons, destruction of property, arrest and prosecution, etc. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Pete will not be held liable for your actions under any circumstances.

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